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Water treatment


To combat the proliferation of bacteria, germs, viruses and algae, pond water needs to be disinfected and sanitized. CF group Benelux offers a range of solutions to suit every need.

Chlorine sterilization
The simplest and most widespread means of disinfection, it is highly effective.

Electrolysis sterilization
Automatic treatment transforms pool salt into sodium hypochlorite, disinfecting the water and making it softer on the skin.

UV sterilization
Ecological disinfection, UV-C irradiates all micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine-free sterilization
Natural, chlorine-free disinfection, the automatic system also manages all other pool parameters.

Chlorine-pH control
Whether for private or public pools, CF group Benelux offers a whole range of automatic systems to meet individual requirements or current standards.

Home automation
System for managing all pool equipment through a single interface.
Disinfection, filtration, lighting, heating and pH are automatically regulated. Parameters can be controlled and modified remotely.

A whole range of high quality, high performance products designed to remedy any situation.

Test kits
All water analysis systems, from the simplest to the most professional.

By producing a magnetic field, these devices solve scaling problems in installations.